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OZAK was founded in 1974 and is proud of being the first and leading pedestrian and vehicle access control solutions producer in Turkey. OZAK; providing high quality and reliable solutions, is the correct choice for many companies in a broad geography covering more than 76 countries. Like no other company in the field; the capability of developing customised solutions in close cooperation with its customers is the reason behind this success. OZAK has an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturing facility with a total area of 14.000 m2 of which 9600 m2 covered, available to work with you to develop and bring your project to life in the most cost-effective way possible. The product range includes “pedestrian” and “vehicle” passage control systems in following type of products: Waist & Full Height turnstiles, Speed Gates, Paddle Gate, Sliding Gate, Optical Turnstile, Disabled Passage Turnstiles, Stadium Solutions Integrated Turnstiles, Fuel Oil / Gas and Petroleum Refinery Turnstiles, Prestigious Passage Turnstiles and Doors for Business Center And Plazas, Motorised Swing Gates, Motorised Flap Doors, Emergency Exit Doors / Pedestrian Gates, Custom Designed Turnstiles and Passage Control Systems, “Road Blocker” Barrier Systems, “Bollard” Barrier Systems, Tyre Killer / Spike Barrier Systems. OZAK has a comprehensive reference range with its applications in Europe, Middle East, Arabian Peninsula, Far East, Asia, Africa and Russia such as: Stadium Complexes, Fitness and Sport Halls, Airport Premises, Metro and Mass Transportation Systems, Environmental Control Systems in Outdoor/Indoor Public Areas, State Institutions, Industrial Plants, Construction Sites, Universities and other Education Institutions, Military and Defence Facilities, Power Plants, Business Centers and Plazas, Food Industry Applications, Health Facilities, Tourism and Historical Facilities, Ticket Authentication and Process Integration Applications. OZAK, investing in human resources, technology and environmental protection; thanks to its talented designers and engineers, design and build products using the state of the art technologies and flexible manufacturing processes. R&D activities are handled by a team of professionals and each team member offers his utmost contribution to provide the customers with the solutions which meets overall demands of the security sector based on the vision of cost effective innovations.
Garanti Giyim Kompozit Teknolojileri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. was founded in 2004 in the Yozgat Organized Industrial Zone to produce functional outerwear, ballistic protective body and vehicle armor systems. It has Turkish Ministry of National Defense approved NATO and Turkish National Facility Security Certificates since 2006. Our company was also issued a ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate in 2005. With its 25,000sqm production site and hundreds of employees, it is the functional outwear, body armor and vehicle armor plate producer with the highest capacity and largest variety in Turkey. It provides services to various public bodies and international customers including the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish General Directorate of Security.
Rovenma Electronics Corp is an innovative technology company that adopts sustainable technological progress. With our experienced multidisciplinary team, we continuously monitor our responsibilities towards domestic and national technologies. We develop IT, software, electronics and defense technologies with our basic electronic design skills. We present this information blend to physical world via our innovative methods and mechanical design capabilities. Not only a smooth-running product but also its performance, quality, reliability, price and safety are our most important structural principles. Our most important responsibility is to provide all kind of support to our customers during the life-cycle of our product. Rovenma is one and only smart locker producer in Turkey and the main smart parcel locker provider for the Turkish Post (PTT) with 400 units sold since 2016. Rovenma stands out as an innovative company focused on all aspects of smart locker systems from industrial design to system installation services. As an RD and producer company, our team of 26 multidisciplinary engineers and 40 production workers are always doing their best to provide the most reliable smart parcel locker. All smart lockers are truly intelligent lockers that are equipped with more than 300 sensors to detect movement, parcels, heat, lock positions, electricity usage and part operations. More than 80 electronic controllers are in perpetual communication within a smart parcel locker making everything work flawlessly. These advanced features make the smart parcel lockers reliable and makes it possible to detect failures before they happen or before even the customer experiences a problem. Rovenma is mainly providing solutions to the logistics sector via Smart Parcel Lockers. They are able to deliver and accept parcels 24/7 in a safe and effective manner. Smart Parcel Lockers are designed to be operated indoor or outdoor and are linked to other parcel lockers and Rovenma servers via DSL, Fiber, 3G, 4 G and / or Wi-Fi. The modular design and various module types make it suitable for any location. It can even fit inside elevators and can be carried easily to upper floors. The parcel locker capacity and the dimensions can be re-engineered according to customer needs. The R&D team of Rovenma has the following capabilities: High Speed PCB Design Embedded Software Design FPGA/ASIC Digital Design Numerical Analysis PC Software Development Server Software Development Mobile Software Development Cloud Computing Industrial Design Mechanical Design Mechanical Analysis
Our company, which has been in the Security Equipment sector for many years, follows the advanced technologies required by today and professional identity, With its expert and experienced staff, it meets the expectations and needs of its customers with the best standards, quality products and services. After a while, we created a customer profile for ourselves. Our customer profile; - Considering the interests of his firm, - Believing in quality and trust, - Who wants to get what you paid for, - They are valuable people. Safety Equipment Hardware and Industrial Cleaning Products * Types of hard hat * Work shoes * Work gloves * workers' clothes * protective masks * protective overalls * Hospital gowns * protective boots * protective goggles * All hardware types
Our company started its business activities in 1985 with the shop opened in Topkapi in the old garages location.   In 1988, for the first time, with a 1974 model vehicle service was started for elec
Our company, which was established in 1991 with the awareness that workwear and work safety that brings prestige to the companies and increases the productivity of the company's employees, has continuously renewed and improved itself by making professional works for the production of work clothes in addition to the sale of work safety materials. Sayginlar Is Tekstil, which registers its production quality with ISO 9001: 2008 system certificate, realizes the special design and model requests of its customers with computer technology as well as its standard products. With the experience of meeting the work clothes and safety equipment of the organizations like Iron, Steel, Construction, Automotive, Marine, Glass Industry, Petro Chemical, Food, Security, Cleaning, Technical, Medical etc. for 25 years, we always offer every need in the most economical and high quality way. Our expert staff, aiming at customer satisfaction, is at your service for the work clothes and protective equipment needs of your workplace.
Sensor Guvenlik Sistemleri Muhendislik Elektrik Elektronik Insaat Sanayi Ticaret Limited Sirketi was established at the beginning of 2008 and continues its activity as an Importer and Contracting company. Importing department makes the import of all products related to the scope of the department with FOCUS Automation and Smart Home Burglar Alarm Systems, ICREATIO the Video Entry Systems and Fire Alarm Systems ASENWAR serves as the Turkey distributor of the brand. As the contracting department, it carries out all the weak works of Housing, Villa-Villa Sites, Public buildings, Factory and Industrial facilities and Hotel projects.
Our company was established to manufacture Protective Work Clothes and Active Sportswear from water and windproof breathable fabrics in its own facilities of 600 m2.
Founded by Sadik Serefoglu and started its production activities in 1990, GEOPLAS is the leader and pioneer of the Turkish geosynthetics market with its experienced and dynamic staff of 250 people today. GEOPLAS continues to work as a leading company capable of producing all of Geosentetic products under one roof in terms of product diversity in the world. Our company is located in Ankara Capital City Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Bolgesi. It is established on an area of 40.000 m2 in total and serves on 2 separate production facilities on 19.000 m2 covered area. Construction works such as PVC - HDPE - LLDPE Geomembranes, Geotextiles, Perceptible Walking Surface Products, Geosynthetic Clay Covers, Drain Plates, Water Holding Bands, Geogrid, Geocell, Geonet, Rock Shield, As well as the products used in the sector, the livestock sector, the shoe sector and the carpet and home furnishings sector also continues to serve by producing auxiliary materials. The successful solution partnership in the public and private sector constitutes the basic mission of GEOPLAS. Our company also provides consultancy services from the project phase to the application phase in the construction site as well as the production and field applications as well as the use of the products that it produces. GEOPLAS produces world-class products in the Geosynthetics sector with the cooperation of AR-GE unit established in 2007 with the product analysis laboratory and universities in order to meet the changing requirements with the developing technology. In Turkey, DSI, TCDD, TCK, Municipalities, Mining and Energy companies in various environmental projects in a wide range of products is the solution partner. GEOPLAS organized the International Geosynthetics seminar in Ankara in 2012 and organized a wide-ranging seminar in the public institutions and universities in Turkey with the participation of founders and directors of the American Geosynthetics Association and many European institutions and academicians. And has been exporting to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and Middle East countries as well as many domestic projects. Our company, which performs 25% of annual sales in exports, is proud of contributing to the economy of the country. Our company which gives importance to environmental consciousness as well as workers' health and safety, will continue its production and services with the principle of 'Success is not to walk on the best road but to be the best on the way that you walk'. GEOPLAS is proud to be a pioneer in research and innovation in its sector.
Transvaro Elektron Aletleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S was established in 1988 as a joint venture between Varo Inc. the largest Night Vision System producer in the U.S.A and Transanka of Turkey. Since the beginning of 1995, Transvaro has operated as a wholly owned Turkish Company. Transvaro is the company designing and manufacturing the thermal and night vision devices as well as IR / Laser products. Transvaro is also experienced in the assembly and repair of the Image Intensifier Tubes (18mm and 25mm). Apart from the production activities, Transvaro has been dealing with turnkey projects for Electronic Security Systems. The quality system developed by Transvaro complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP-2120 Standards as certified by ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) and Department of Quality Management of the Ministry of National Defence. In addition Transvaro holds the certificates of ISO 14001, OHSAS18001 and Facility Security Clearance Certificate issued by the Ministry of National Defence.